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No one likes to blow their own trumpet, so here is what our clients say

I found Rachel to be extremely helpful, she is very supportive and demonstrates a great empathy/understanding. Several things about Rachel stand out for me. Time was taken to find out about us right at the very start which helped to set the scene and reduce the need for explanation further down the line, I’m not sure everyone is so astute! It was obvious Rachel is very well versed in employment law but that did not prevent a pragmatic, realistic, and legal approach to some of the issues we have experienced since starting our own business. Having been out of business for quite some time, Rachel’s balanced and reassuring approach certainly left me with increased faith in myself and my decision-making.

SunStone remains my first port of call for helpful, reliable employment advice and guidance.

Sue Sheen

Care Sector (Personal Health Budgets)

I have been working with Rachel for many years as she has provided HR consultancy to our business on an ad hoc basis since 2008. More recently Rachel has become our HR Manager, which she has provided as a consultancy service since September 2016. We have structured this in a manner that Rachel sits on our leadership team and works as if she were an employee of the company. We wanted to embed strong HR leadership into our management team now that we have reached a certain size and are growing quickly. In the past we have dealt with the HR role across the leadership team with different aspects being carried out by different departments.

 The impact that we have seen in just a few short months of Rachel working in our company is incredible. Rachel’s past experience in previous HR leadership roles has equipped her well for providing expertise to SME’s that don’t have a full time role for a HR Manager. In our case we considered to employ a full time HR person but they would not have had the same level of experience or the leadership qualities we required due to the budget we had available. We decided that it was better to employ the services of a very experienced HR Manager working part time as this provided better overall value for our business.

Rachel is dealing with everything from recruitment, staff engagement and development, employment regulations, HR policy, remuneration planning to name a few key aspects of her role here. Her no nonsense approach, empathy with people and detailed knowledge of all things related to HR has added real value to our company. I would highly recommend any business working with Rachel if they need a professional HR service

John Hartley

Managing Director, Extronics Limited

Restorative Thinking Limited is a small Social Enterprise with fluctuating staffing and HR needs.

We are too small to merit employing our own HR staff and at the same time we need HR expertise and support.  We considered a range of options and spoke with three HR companies.  We asked Rachel to work with us as she listened carefully to our specific needs rather than offer a blanket service for small companies. 

Rachel has taken the initiative to get to know our company and has been able to offer expert HR advice when needed, in addition to reviewing our policies and procedures.Rachel will also be managing all our future recruitment, which is a massive support and allows us to focus our attention on the business itself.

Lesley Parkinson

Executive Director, Restorative Thinking Limited

Rachel has provided excellent consultancy support from the beginning of our business start-up nearly three years ago. Our team has grown from 4 to 36 within this time and being a brand new company, there were many areas where we have needed professional guidance; policies, procedures, contracts, efficient documentation, people management tools, diciplinary support, risk assessment and general advice, to mention but a few.

 Rachel is timely and efficient and is extremely knowledgable with regards to all things HR. She has an impressive array of experience and her no-nonsense approach provides maximum productivity with minimal impact on business operations.

Her services have been absolutely vital in our growth and development and for that, we cannot thank her enough.

I would not hesitate recommending Rachel to any company, no matter how big or how small; her work ethic and professionalism are invaluable.

Becky Bugg

Nursery Manager, Kids' Country Day Nursery

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