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After spending over 15 years in various leadership roles within the world of corporate HR, I decided to make a change. SunStone HR was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing SMEs with access to a range of HR resources without having to carry high costs or worry about being locked into long term contracts .

Whether you are looking for ad hoc support, or a HR Manager/Director as part of your team on a regular basis, I offer a full range of options to suit the individual needs of your business.




Are you an emerging start up and want to ensure you are fit for growth? Or perhaps you have been operating for a while but never really focused on the basics of what you should be providing to your staff?

Taking the time to understand the context of your business enables me to tailor the policies that you need to be compliant with current UK legislation as well as manage your employees when the need arises. I also include one permanent contract template.

If your policies and contracts are going to serve any purpose, it’s important that they consider your industry specific requirements and regulations e.g. the childcare sector needs something different than the pharmaceutical sector.

Our policies are easy to navigate and jargon free so that you feel confident executing them.




from £125 per month
(depending on headcount and complexity)

We are your HR department, providing peace of mind for a fixed monthly fee.

We don’t just provide you with templates that you need to then manage yourself, adding more admin to your workload. We do it all! 

We are the ‘HR face’ of your business which provides a seamless onboarding process for your new hires and gives you the security of knowing that you haven’t dropped one of your many balls.

As a minimum we provide everything offered in the springboard package alongside unlimited telephone and email support. 

Some clients prefer a level of visibility on site; we are flexible enough to develop the right solution for your operation.

Our blog and testimonials will demonstrate the diversity of services that we offer.


£99 per hour

Something has gone wrong and you just need advice ASAP.

We charge an hourly rate of £99 per hour.

You buy ‘credits’ in advance and use them as and when required.

Sometimes if it’s a more complex problem but with an immediate need, it may be more appropriate to agree a fixed project fee.

We are flexible enough to accommodate varying requirements.

We will always provide you with an estimate before proceeding and keep you informed if we think we might go over your budget!



I help clients on a wide range of topics on a project basis from training, management development, restructuring, redundancy and employee relations.

Check out my LinkedIn, and testimonials for further insight.

We can operate as your HR lead on tactical initiatives but also operate as your HR Director supporting your Exec teams to develop and deliver your HR strategy


My passion remains with SME’s who need to make considered decisions in a dynamic and changing environment; I know you can’t wait days for an answer

about me

I have a passion for SME’s because I can have an impact, much faster and more effectively than in a large organisation. I’m agile and dynamic and don’t operate from scripts, you get me and not a call centre. I’m not driven by targets or billable hours and don’t have the constraints of having to be risk averse which means you get the absolute right decision for your business.

I add the most value by taking the time to understand your business strategy, market, finances, operations and employees. I have been lucky enough to partner with many different organisations and have learnt something from them all.

I’m based in Cheshire and live with my husband, our three young daughters and with our crazy cockerpoo called Taffy. I enjoy the flexibility that running my own consultancy brings, something that would be difficult to replicate in the corporate world. We enjoy travelling and being outdoors (UK weather permitting!)


…We asked Rachel to work with us as she listened carefully to our specific needs rather than offer a blanket service for small companies. Rachel has taken the initiative to get to know our company and has been able to offer expert HR advice when needed, in addition to reviewing our policies and procedures…

Lesley Parkinson

Executive Director, Restorative Thinking Limited